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Cure you can believe in

Homoeopathy believes that each person reacts differently to the same stimulus – which is called ‘Individualization'.

Our focus is to harness this uniqueness to serve you.


We specialize in: Chronic physical, mental & emotional problems. Children with developmental, behavioral, and learning challenges.


Dr. Khushboo Shugani

I am a licensed and practicing homeopath. I received my Bachelor's degree in Homoeopathy (BHMS) from RDVV Jabalpur university in 2010. I pursued my Master's degree in Healthcare Management from IHMR Jaipur in 2012. During this tenure, I attended various seminars and have worked under many experienced homeopathic practitioners to attain practical knowledge and a realistic approach towards finding cures.


I practice by video or telephonic consultations, which allows me to treat people anywhere in the world. I most enjoy providing healing through classical homeopathy. I have done extensive work with children and adults with learning, behavioral, and chronic problems. 


I live with my husband and our son in Pune, India. I enjoy yoga, sound healing, meditation, spiritual studies, and adventurous travel in a beautiful natural environment. I try to keep fit with exercise, yoga, and healthy eating. I like cooking and good movies for additional recreation.

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Homeopathy focuses on the person as a whole instead of treating just the disease or disorder.

Whatever category it falls under, the root cause lies in some sort of disharmony with the self or environment.  

Our work is to track down the source of such disharmonies, restore lost balance, and strengthen the immune system for one's body to heal itself. Our approach towards the cure of any disease is based on the Homoeopathic principle of ‘like-cures-like’


We aim to provide

Hassle-free consultation at your convenience and comfort.

Reliable and Gentle method of cure.

Miraculous process of improving your lifestyle.




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Call us at +91 9168395559

*Also Available at 'Pulse Speciality Hospital', Wagholi, Pune. 


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