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We specialize in natural ways of wellness and help you with an integrated approach through 

Special Education, Homoeopathy, Yoga, and Sound Healing 



Discover a Powerful, Natural Healing Method that Lets You Take Charge of Your Health, Boost Your Energy and Reclaim the joy of healthy living.


Our focus is  NOT only on the treatment, BUT on creating a strong, healthy body, mind, and spirit that's resistant to pain and disease.


Our body holds an endless source of energy for healing itself. It can regenerate cells, slow aging, give us strength and stamina, let us feel the joy and purpose of life. We help you achieve a deep sense of well-being and feel good from the inside out by providing a holistic platform of - 

Yoga, Mindful Meditation, Sound Healing and Homoeopathy


A Holistic Wellness Platform You Can Believe In

An integrated approach towards health and wellness with the help of 

Yoga, Tibetian Sound Healing, Homoeopathy, and Special Education services

for children with different abilities


A companion in need, Dr. Khushboo

I am, an AYUSH ministry - QCI certified Yoga Trainer, 

Certified Sound Healer,

 A B.Ed in Special Education,

M.A. Psychology (pursuing), and

A licensed and practicing Homeopath for the last 10 years,


Driven by passion, inspiration, and motive to give back to society. 

 Having extensive work experience with children and adults with learning, behavioural, and chronic problems, I believe in a holistic approach towards a healthy lifestyle  


I live with my husband and our son in Pune, India,

and practice by video or telephonic consultations, which allows me to treat people anywhere in the world.

Holding Hands

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Sumedha Kapoor
New Delhi

My experience with Dr. Khushboo has been unbelievable and well above medical treatment. Words cannot describe my gratitude towards the doctor for successfully curing my disease with care and compassion. I had consulted some of the best doctors in the country with futile attempts. I had started to believe I could not be cured but my fears were definitely put to rest. Thank you so much for making such an enormous difference in my life.